Yet Another Grid System


So, why another grid system?

This is a fair question, with so many different grid systems out there, why another one?

Angular Material offers one, so does Bootstrap. There's Bulma, Materialize, Skeleton, Neat, Simple Grid, Wizardry Grids, Profound Grid, Griddle, Responsive Grid System, RWD Grid, Flexbox Grid and many others.

So, why another one?

These grid systems provide the basic page structure, the same way that a styleguide provides you with the different components to use, but we still need to write the code that glues them together. Some containers may need additional padding, some won't, maybe we want a card that has a full bleed on only one side.

gymnast makes no assumptions when it comes to margins, paddings, columns and gutters. You can define your own aliases and specify how your grid system is built through the . gymnast makes it easy to stay within the guidelines you define without getting in the way when you want to customize them.

By doing that, we eliminate most of the glue code with styleguide. This is gymnast's main value proposition, flexibility through configuration of every property that defines the grid.